The Watch (band)

The Watch – Official photo 2017

The Watch

Also known as
The Night Watch (1997-2000)

Milan, Italy

Progressive rock

Years active

Pick Up Records

Official website

Simone Rossetti
Marco Fabbri
Giorgio Gabriel
Valerio De Vittorio
Mattia Rossetti

Past members
Giovanni Alessi
Diego Donadio
Antonio Mauri
Franceso Zago
Roberto Leoni
Marco Schembri
Sergio Taglioni
Gabriele Manzini
Gino Menichini
Valerio Vado
Ettore Salati
Fabio Mancini
Cristiano Roversi
Guglielmo Mariotti
Stefano Castrucci

The Watch is an Italian progressive rock band from Milan, led by vocalist and principal songwriter Simone Rossetti, originally formed in 1997. Their music is inspired by classic progressive rock style of the 1970s and in particular by the music of Genesis. Melody and energy are the main aspects of The Watch music and the live dimension is one of the greatest features of the band.


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The band was initially formed in 1997 under the name ‘The Night Watch’, and consisted of vocalist Simone Rossetti, guitarist Franceso Zago, bassist Antonio Mauri, keyboardist Giovanni Alessi, and drummer Diego Donadio.[1] In this formation the band released their debut album, Twilight,[2] before the line-up collapsed in 2000 leaving only Rossetti to continue the band under the shortened name ‘The Watch’.
The line-up of the band has changed several times throughout their history, with only Simone Rossetti remaining since the band’s inception, but began to stabilize in 2007 with the arrival of drummer Marco Fabbri and guitarist Giorgio Gabriel, both of whom remain with the band to the present day. Simone Stucchi has produced all The Watch records (except for Timeless) and followed the band on stage as sound engineer until June 2011. The most recent lineup change occurred in September 2013, when bassist Stefano Castrucci joined the band to replace Guglielmo Mariotti, who had departed the band to commit more time to his family.[3] In early 2014, following the departure of Castrucci, the band’s line-up was augmented by Mattia Rossetti, the son of the band’s frontman Simone Rossetti.[4]
In January 2010 they embarked on a long tour, visiting Europe, Canada and United States, playing a Genesis tribute live show, which has been repeated in all of the following years to-date.


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